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MustHaveMenus Tools

Menu Maker

Create beautiful, print-ready menus with our easy-design Menu Maker tool. Set your restaurant apart with thousands of templates that are fast and easy to customize. Edit text, add photos, change fonts, and much, much more.

Menu Maker

Flyer Maker

Create attention-grabbing flyers with our drag-and-drop Flyer Maker. Choose from hundreds of templates for every occasion and promotion. All flyers are printed with a glossy finish for bright and vivid colors.

Flyer Maker

Business Card Maker

Design professional business cards in a few minutes with our drag-and-drop Business Card Maker. Pick from hundreds of designer templates that you can edit and customize. Great first impressions made easy.

Business Card Maker

Loyalty Card Maker

Encourage customers to make your business a part of their routine with a new loyalty card. Creating one is easy with our Loyalty Card Maker. One side of the card stock is uncoated so you can mark them up.

Loyalty Card Maker

Facebook Post Maker

It's easy to keep your social media fresh and engaging with our Facebook Post Maker. Pick from a collection of templates for every occasion, update text and imagery, then share it to your wall. The best part? It's all free.

Facebook Post Maker

Instagram Post Maker

Keep your newsfeed new and original with our Instagram Post Maker. Pick from a collection of templates professionally designed to standout to people scrolling by, customize it, then share it your timeline. All for free.

Instagram Post Maker

MustHaveMenus Design Guides

Social Media Post Design

Take the hassle out of social media marketing with our collection of professionally-designed templates for Facebook and Instagram. Learn how to design one that will connect with your audience, and then post it to your social media for free!

Design Social Media Posts

Cocktail Menu Design

Refresh your bar or restaurant's cocktail menu with one of our gorgeous templates. Choose from designs for cocktail bars, restaurants, and more.

Design Cocktail Menus

Spa Menu Design

Round out your spa experience with a soothing design to display your various services, food and drinks. Customize it by including images, logos, more fonts, and more.

Design Spa Menus

Bar Menu Design

Kick your bar experience up another notch with a brand-new menu. With over a hundred templates for every kind of bar and every occasion, you can always find one that works for you. Or, you can start from scratch!

Design Bar Menus

Takeout Menu Design

Give your customers a menu they can take home with them. With multiple sizing options, several paper choices, and dozens of professional templates to customize, you can create a takeout menu that your customers will want to keep.

Design Takeout Menus

Restaurant Menu Design

Update your presentation and take your restaurant experience to the next level with a new menu. Browse hundreds of designs and customize them to fit your restaurant.

Design Restaurant Menus

Pizza Menu Design

Want to upgrade from your cheesy, old pizza menu? Check out our full-color templates for pizza shops, pizzerias, and pizza cafes and start creating. No design skills required.

Design Pizza Menus

Catering Menu Design

Stay poised and professional with one of our stunning Catering Menus. Easily upload your logo and switch colors to make the menu match the rest of your catering business.

Design Catering Menus

Kids Menu Design

Give your younger customers a menu that's just for them with a brand-new kids menu. Edit and swap activities to keep kids entertained while their parents enjoy the meal. All kids menus are printed on crayon-friendly paper.

Design Kids Menus

Cafe Menu Design

Give your customers a menu as unique as your cafe with a sparkling new menu. Choose from a hundred-plus templates for every cafe imaginable.

Design Cafe Menus

Holiday Menu Design

Never let another holiday go uncelebrated with special menu designs for every occasion. We have festive templates for Christmas, New Years, Cinco de Mayo, 4th of July, Halloween and much more.

Design Holiday Menus

Irish Menu Design

Give your customers an authentic Dublin-stye menu with our easy-design Irish Menu Maker. Create a new menu for your Irish bar, or design a special St. Patrick's Day menu. We have dozens of beautiful templates to start from.

Design Irish Menus

Bakery Menu Design

Tired of putting out half-baked menus that look like every other bakery on the block? Design a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind menu with our easy-use Bakery Menu Maker.

Design Bakery Menus

German Menu Design

Transport your customers to Berlin or Munich with a brand new German Menu. Pick from authentic German templates for pubs, ale houses, Oktoberfest and more.

Design German Menus

Hotel Menu Design

Take your hotel experience to the next level with a new menu. Separate your bar offerings or design a unique menu to slide under doors for room service.

Design Hotel Menus

Seafood Menu Design

Creating a new seafood menu is easy with our Seafood Menu Maker. Choose a template and add imagery of your crab, lobster, fish, etc. to give the menu visual heft and make it your own.

Design Seafood Menus

Burger Menu Design

Beef up your visuals with a brand new Burger Menu. With over a hundred templates for every establishment that sells hamburgers, from mom-and-pop stands to fast food and high-end restaurants, you can always find a template that works for you.

Design Burger Menus

French Menu Design

Transport your customers to Berlin or Munich with a brand new German Menu. Pick from authentic German templates for pubs, ale houses, Oktoberfest and more.

Design French Menus

Breakfast Menu Design

Greet your customers first thing in the morning with a new Breakfast Menu. Start with one of our gorgeous templates and then customize it by adding photos, uploading logos, and more.

Design Breakfast Menus

Italian Menu Design

Create an authentic Italian menu with our easy-design Menu Maker. Choose from gorgeous templates for every type of Italian restaurant, from Roman cafes to Tuscan wineries, Sicilian restaurants and more.

Design Italian Menus

Pub Menu Design

Complete your pub experience with a new menu. Pick a template from our collection of stylish menus for Irish pubs, English pubs, old-school pubs, brew pubs and more.

Design Pub Menus

Diner Menu Design

Give your diner's presentation a facelift with a brand-new menu from our collection of beautiful diner menu templates. Choose from retro designs, flashy modern ones and everything in between.

Design Diner Menus

Happy Hour Menu Design

Celebrate the best time of the day with a brand-new Happy Hour Menu. Easily edit the text to represent your deals and offerings, include photos and logos, and more to make the menu your own.

Design Happy Hour Menus

Coffee Menu Design

Energize your presentation with a brand-new Coffee Menu. Our designs range from highly colorful and full of imagery to more simple and straightforward. Find one the works for you and easily customize it.

Design Coffee Menus

American Menu Design

Celebrate the USA everyday with a new American Menu. Start by choosing from dozens of patriotic and homestyle-menus templates, and then make it fit your restaurant with our drag-and-drop Menu Maker.

Design American Menus

Sports Bar Menu Design

Give your customers a fan-friendly experience with a new Sports Bar Menu. Pick from templates across all the major popular sports and personalize so it matches your sports bar and fan experience.

Design Sports Bar Menus

Fine Dining Menu Design

Fancy food deserves a fancy menu. Design a brand-new Fine Dining Menu with our drag-and-drop Menu Maker. Start with a gorgeous template and then personalize it to fit your restaurant.

Design Fine Dining Menus

Wine Menu Design

Take your wine game to a new level by upgrading your menu. Choose from general wine templates or specific ones for reds and whites.

Design Wine Menus

Dessert Menu Design

Encourage your customers to stick around for dessert with a delicious new menu. We have an extensive collection of unique, customizable templates to sweeten up your presentation.

Design Dessert Menus

Steakhouse Menu Design

Beef up your presentation and get that menu sizzling with a new Steakhouse template from MustHaveMenus. Browse dozens of menus for steakhouses -- from high-end restaurant to run-down dive bars. Wherever steak is served, we have you covered with a menu design.

Design Steakhouse Menus

Beer Menu Design

Set your beer apart and increase your sales with a complete menu refresh. Separate your tap list onto its menu and distinguish between your taps, bottles and cans. It's easy with one of our dozens of beer menu templates.

Design Beer Menus

Mother's Day Menu Design

Give the most important women in your life a menu worthy of their special day with our beautiful Mother's Day Menu designs. Specialty menus designed to elevate your special occasions.

Design Mother's Day Menus

BBQ Menu Design

Crank up the heat on your presentation with a smoking-hot BBQ Menu. Browse our collection of savory templates to find a menu that fits your BBQ restaurant.

Design BBQ Menus

Simple Menu Design

Sometimes it's best to not complicate things. That's certainly the case with our Simple Menu templates, which are light on flair or detailing to keep the focus on your food.

Design Simple Menus

Daily Specials Menu Design

Give your customers a reason to keep coming back with Daily Special Menus. Choose from templates for daily, weekly, and seasonal specials to pick your favorite

Design Daily Specials Menus

Christmas Menu Design

Inject some holiday cheer into your presentation with a brand-new Christmas Menu. Browse festive designs for every kind of Christmas celebration or pre-fixe meal.

Design Christmas Menus

Deli Menu Design

Show off your best soups, salads, sandwiches and meat with a deli menu refresh. Browse our collection of templates tailored to delis and deli owners.

Design Deli Menus

Mexican Menu Design

Ensure your success with an up-to-date, well-designed Mexican Menu. Our templates are decorated with the colorful reds and greens of Mexico for an authentic look. They're filled with actual Mexican dishes to save you time customizing.

Design Mexican Menus

Chinese Menu Design

Looking to refresh your Chinese restaurant's brand with a new, authentic menu? Check out our collection of templates for Chinese menus, takeout menus, half-page menus and more

Design Chinese Menus
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