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At MustHaveMenus, we know the importance of a great menu. Your food, prices, specials, and brand all sell for you. A great menu does this. It creates demand and loyalty from existing customers. And it can bring in new customers who are looking for a place like yours. Our ground-breaking service and team of menu experts provide the whole menu solution: from design, storage, updating and printing to mobile marketing everywhere. Together we call it Menu Management. Join us and we'll work to grow your business.

company history

Since 2007, MustHaveMenus has worked to provide small businesses with one-stop online and offline menu management. Our mission is to help small businesses grow using menus as a powerful sales and marketing tool. We have provided menu designs, printing, and online publishing services to tens of thousands of restaurants, personal care services, home services, professional services and others. Our design and service office is in beautiful Ashland, Oregon, and our engineering office is in gorgeous Brasov, Romania.

1 big idea

3,000 designs


our team

leadership team

Jim Williams

Jim is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for design. In addition to founding MustHaveMenus, Jim also co-founded Elli and Sharefaith. In 1997, he founded one of the first cloud-based CRM companies, MarketHome (CLAC, 1999). Jim is also an active angel investor.

Neal Bozeman

Neal is a super experienced CTO and entrepreneur. Neal is currently the CTO and owner of Seacoast Vitamins. He was formerly CTO of, which was acquired by Demand Media (DMD) in 2006. Prior to, he worked for Microsoft.

Chuck Haddock
Director of Operations

Chuck has experience in high-tech, wholesale distribution and online payment services. He was formerly Vice President of Information Technology at a medical book and supplies wholesaler/retailer and Vice President of Operations for a SaaS provider of online payment services.


David Hehman

David is an active angel investor and a Board Member of the North Bay Angels, having co-founded 5 technology businesses: HealthDesk (HDSK), GetawayZone (VacationSpot/EXPE), MarketHome (CLAC), EscapeHomes (Roost/HomeAway), and (Demand Media).

Howard Love

Howard is a life-long entrepreneur who has been starting and running companies for 30 years, among them: Inmark Development (RogueWave), MarketHome (CLAC), GetawayZone (EXPE), PageWise (Demand Media), and LoveToKnow.

Sam Shank

A serial entrepreneur, Sam is the founder and CEO of HotelTonight. He previously founded, a travel deals search engine, and was CEO of, a hotel reviews site. SideStep acquired and Sam stayed on until its acquisition by Kayak.

Mark Ladouceur

Mark is a business leader with years of experience in the print and distribution industries. He was president of Navitor Inc., a trade printing company.


We focus on designing great products to help restaurants tell their brand and menu story and connect with customers, whether online or in-house. We partner with like-minded companies to provide the resources and solutions to our restaurant-members. Do you have a win-win proposal or idea? Let's talk!