Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

Say goodbye to thumb drives! The MustHaveMenus Display app provides a time-saving way to drive sales on digital menu boards. Restaurants now have a single solution for display hardware and control, content management and appetite-inducing design.

The game-changing features of Display include easy playlists, rotating schedules, automatic POS updates and seamless integration from our industry-leading menu maker.


"It's a game changer!"

Handlebar Diner, Mesa, AZ

Benefits of MustHaveMenus Display

Running your digital menu boards with MustHaveMenus Display can put valuable time back into your day, while driving incremental sales with your customers.

  • Ditch thumb drives for good
  • Sell like the best brands
  • Run menu schedules worry-free
  • Make updates remotely in seconds
  • Eliminate steps from your POS

What our customers are saying...

  • Handlebar Diner

    "Ever since installing Display in our Diner we've seen smiles from local clients! Having this product fully integrated into our Diner's already established systems was a game changer. We tried Loop.TV, Unifi Connect and three other systems over the past 12 months. MustHaveMenus is a MUST!"

    Kevin McMillen

    Handlebar Diner

  • Lucky Bones Backwater Grill

    "We love how quickly the digital boards refresh and the ability to schedule specials without any interruptions. Menus boards are seamlessly integrated into our website and it is also easy to print out PDF versions for bar customers. MustHaveMenus is the real deal."

    Jason Dewaters

    Lucky Bones Backwater Grill

  • Lucky Bones Backwater Grill

    "I searched for a digital signage program for months and found many to be costly and complicated. I was excited to test out MustHaveMenus new digital signage platform! I loved how simple it was to set up and make changes to the screen instantly! I now have one platform for all my menu and signage needs! Thank you MustHaveMenus for continuing to provide great products and support!"

    Noura Cholakh

    Johnny Mañana's

What makes Display different?

MustHaveMenus Display combines integration with your restaurant tech, easy menu workflows, and brilliant menu design software.

Plus: It's a single source to handle your print, web, and QR menus as well!

POS Integrations

MustHaveMenus Display connects directly to your Toast or Square account so you can streamline your menu management with instant price updates across all your locations.

Bring Profitable Designs to Life

Our design tool handles items on menus better than anything out there, while providing the general ease and flexibility you'd find in a mainstream design app. Achieve agency-level results using layouts, menu borders, fonts, styles, colors, price columns.


With simple scheduling tools, you can set your displays up and have them change without worrying about them.

  • Choose exact times and dates
  • Easily manage the transition between lunch and dinner menus

Manage from anywhere

Manage your digital displays wherever, whenever. As long as you can access your MustHaveMenus account, you can make edits, cycle designs, set schedules, etc.


Organize your content into playlists so your display will cycle through your slides without you having to touch a button. With MustHaveMenus Display, creating playlists of your favorite designs is fast and easy.

  • Create multiple playlists for different menus, promotions, specials, etc.
  • Easily manage several playlists across multiple locations
  • Preview playlists before displaying them

Work smarter

MustHaveMenus integrates with your favorite POS providers to seamlessly connect your data to your designs.

Remote device troubleshooting

Having issues with your device? Our experts can help solve it without you having to bring it in.

Offline mode

Internet goes out? Not to worry. MustHaveMenus Display works offline so you can keep your displays up even if your wifi goes down.




Manage screens from anywhere

Hi-res stock videos

Upload video content

Offline mode



Remote device troubleshooting

How to get started with MustHaveMenus Display

  • 1.
    Sign up for a MustHaveMenus account.
  • 2.
    Order your hardware and plug it into your display.
  • 3.
    Create a new design using one of our customizable templates.
  • 4.
    Instantly upload your design to the hardware and start displaying it.
  • 5.
    Make changes or updates whenever.
  • 6.
    Display and enjoy!
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