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Restaurant Startup Guide

Menus, Marketing, & Management tips to grow your restaurant business


Launching a Catering Business as a Restaurateur.

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If you're a restaurant owner or manager, adding catering can seem all benefit and no cost. As Jeffrey Summers points out in "Expand Your Restaurant Business Through Catering: What You Need to Know & Consider," you already have most of what you need to get started, from culinary expertise to supplier relationships to leads in the form of your current restaurant customers. (more)


Why Restaurants Should Use Email Marketing.

As more and more restaurants jump on the social media bandwagon, restaurant email marketing seems to be falling by the wayside. Whether it be a blog, Twitter or Facebook, restaurants are moving their focus away from email marketing methods and expending more effort on networking through online social channels. (more)


Menu Design Basics.

You know your restaurant's purpose, your culinary philosophy, your best-selling specialties. The menu lays all that out where your customers can admire it. Your professionalism must show, the message must be clear, and in this case, appearances are everything. It must be so compelling that they can't wait to order and taste the goodness. (more)