Design Sandwich Boards with MustHaveMenus

Create a Sandwich Board

Attract passerby, draw attention to food and drink specials, direct customers around your restaurant, and much more with customized sandwich boards from MustHaveMenus. These durable, free-standing sidewalk signs hold two inserts, one on each side of the board, and can be changed frequently to keep your messages interesting and informative.

With our drag-and-drop editing tool, it's easy to create an eye-grabbing sandwich board insert that will encourage passersby to patronize your restaurant. Simply choose a template, edit text, insert your own logo or images, swap colors, and you'll have a quality sandwich board sign that impresses in no time.

How to Create Can't-Miss Sandwich Boards:

1. Select a template. Pick from a multitude of unique and professionally-designed sandwich board templates built for any type of restaurant. Each template has a different style and design depending on what message you want to convey. Choose a template that best reflects your messaging, business, and brand.

2. Change text. Replace the text with your own in a few simple steps. Click on the text boxes and add what you need. Feel free to use these boards to leave a fun message, convey key information, or solidify your brand. You can even include a unique QR code that makes it easy for customers to scan and access your menu before they even step inside. Whatever you add, make sure it's large enough to read from a distance.

3. Insert your logo or photos. Add your logo by dragging and dropping it on the template -- this is a great opportunity to further establish your brand. If you want to highlight specials, include bright, professional photos of your food.

4. Swap colors. Feel free to change or add colors as you see fit. Keep in mind your restaurant's aesthetic and unique color scheme.

5. Order prints. Once your design looks great, order your new inserts through our professional print services. These 22"x28" inserts are printed on durable corrugated plastic that withstands the elements and hold their color over time so you can be sure they'll last. They can be ordered separately or in conjunction with the display sign.

6. Include the sign in your order. If you don't have one already, buy the A-frame display, made from 100% polytene plastic for year-round durability. Two inserts are included with the order.

7. Come back whenever you need. Your sandwich board insert is saved to your account so you can make changes or create new ones whenever you need.


Sandwich Boards Designed for Restaurants

Our unparalleled design team creates sandwich boards specifically with restaurants in mind, so you can count on finding a sandwich board design that fits your needs without having to sift through hundreds of irrelevant templates. Plus, you'll have access to all our other designs for menus, table tents, social media templates, digital menu boards, and more.

Sandwich Board Design Tool

With our state-of-the-art design tool, it's easy to make a sandwich board that's exclusive to your restaurant and your messaging needs. Just choose a professionally-designed sandwich board template and alter it to incorporate your logo, fonts, colors, and message. If you have any issues, our Customer Service team is ready to help design the perfect sign for your restaurant.


Sandwich Board Printing and Delivery

Once you've designed a sandwich board sign that fits your needs, all you have to do is order the inserts and A-frame board and we'll take care of the rest. Our printing services have the G7 Master Qualification, a certification for the highest accuracy, consistency, and quality of full-color printing -- plus a 100% satisfaction guarantee from our team -- so you'll always be amazed with how your sandwich boards turn out. Our professional printing and quick delivery make it easy for you to up your marketing game in no time!