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Be My Valentine Flyer

Be My Valentine Flyer

8.5 x 11 in

Design. Print. Share.

Advertise that you’re open for business on the most romantic night of the year with the Be My Valentine Flyer from MustHaveMenus. It’s cute, whimsical, and appeals to the inner romantic in all of us. Post in your window and watch all the love birds flutter in. This flyer is sweet, but not cheesy. Romantic, but not gushy. A background in shades of dark red show an image of a couple embracing. Stark white text creates a bold look for the name of the event, specials, reservation information, and location. With MustHaveMenus Lite, it’s easy to edit and personalize your flyer to reflect your restaurant. If you think you have a better picture of yourself or someone you know embracing, you could even use that as the background!