Benefits of QR Codes on Rack Cards

With restaurants needing to focus more heavily on their takeout service, the ability to connect with customers via their phone has become a necessity. QR codes on your rack cards make it possible to instantly engage them further with your business. Put these cards out in holders near your checkout area of the restaurant, or drop into bags with takeout orders to easily share them with customers.

Simple Menu Viewing

Adding a QR code to your rack card eliminates the steps it normally takes for them to search for and find your menu. With any number of things vying for their attention at any given time, it's critical that the process is as easy as possible. Cut down the steps needed to stay engaged with your business by presenting it right on your rack card.

Engage Customers

Why stop at promoting one thing on your rack card when you can prompt customers to do more? It's easy for people to look over your message, then instantly forget it, but by asking them to take an action, you are further solidifying your message and brand in their head. Plus, a QR code adds intrigue to your rack card -- customers are way more likely to stay engaged when their curiosity takes over about what they will see when they scan.

Perfect Promos

Help customers take advantage of specials and promos by making it as simple as a single scan. If you add your rack card to a takeout order, this is a great way to get repeat customers and reward them for furthering their engagement. This will also tell you if your marketing materials are working effectively, depending on how often people take advantage of your offer.

How to Add QR codes to a Rack Card:

  1. Choose a template. Find a professionally designed rack card template that highlights your main announcement. This can include specials you're offering, events, holiday announcements, deals, and more.
  2. Create a QR code that supports the goal of your rack card. Create a QR code that supports the goal of your rack card.
  3. Place the code on your rack card. Some of our rack card designs have a space already created for a code, or you can add one if needed. Then add a quick blurb about where it links to.
  4. Order your prints. Order your rack cards from our professional print department and they'll be shipped next business day.
  5. Make changes with ease. Our Pro QR Code tools are designed to be easily managed. This means you can edit the links on a single code at any time and it will automatically update to avoid reprinting your rack cards.
  6. Create more codes anytime. You can create and manage unlimited QR codes so you can link to any number of designs, websites, or social media platforms to your marketing materials.

Ways to Use QR codes in Your Rack Cards

There are endless possibilities for utilizing a QR code, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Opening your menu design
    Attach your print menu design so it instantly brings up your current offerings. This can be updated whenever you have new menu items by refreshing the file.
  • Linking to your seasonal specials
    Have a specialty menu you'd like to feature? Add it as a QR code to get customers excited for your seasonal flavors.
  • Highlighting upcoming events
    Promote your live band, cooking class, bar crawl, trivia night, and more.
  • Featuring promotions or deals
    Make it simple to offer discounts by linking the offer in a QR code.
  • Connecting to a website
    Send customers to your website to learn more about your restaurant and save your contact information to their phone. Or link to a website where they can leave a review.
  • Directing to your online ordering system
    Don't leave customers wondering the best way to order. Instantly direct them to your online ordering system so they can quickly purchase food, drinks, products, and merch.
  • Connecting to your social media channels
    Gain a following on your social media platforms by taking them right to your accounts.

Need help?

We've gotcha covered. Jump in a chat with our friendly customer service team and they'll be happy to help you create a QR code that's perfect for your rack card.