QR Codes on Restaurant Flyers

We already know how effective flyers can be at promoting specials, events, or deals that are happening at your restaurant. Adding a QR code allows you to do even more to expand your reach.

Design QR Code Flyers

Benefits of QR Codes on Flyers

With takeout becoming critical to the success of a restaurant business, the ability to connect with customers via their phone has also become a necessity. This doesn't stop at linking to your menu -- this can include websites, online ordering, social media, and more. Since customers are less likely to come to you, you need to bring your business to them.

Make Accessing Your Menu Easy

Adding a QR code to your flyer eliminates steps for your customers that could keep them from accessing and viewing your menu. Your customers have so many things vying for their attention at any given point that it's important to make it as easy and painless as possible for them to pull up your menu. Every additional step is one more opportunity for their attention to get derailed.

Prompt Further Engagement

Giving your customers a QR code to scan encourages them to engage one level deeper with your flyer. It's so easy for customers to look over your messaging and then instantly forget it. By prompting them to take an action, you are further solidifying your message and brand in their head.

Go Touchless

During COVID, QR codes are largely used by restaurants as a means to go touchless and avoid contact. The same logic applies to flyers, which depending on where you post it, could be touched or handled by several people. Giving your customers a QR code to scan allows them to safely interact with your flyer without touching.

How to Add QR codes to a Flyer:

  1. Choose a template. Find a professionally designed flyer template that highlights your main announcement. This can include a specials menu, signs showing that you're open, your hours, discounts, and more.
  2. Create a QR code that supports the goal of your flyer. In the Graphics tab, select QR Code. You will then have the option to link to your print menu design, website, or social media.
  3. Place the code on your flyer. Some flyer designs have a space already created for a code, or you can add one if needed. Then add a quick blurb about where it links to.
  4. Order your prints. Order your flyers from our professional print department and they'll be shipped next business day.
  5. Make changes with ease. Make changes with ease.
  6. Create more codes if needed. You can create and manage unlimited QR codes so you can link to any number of designs, websites, or social media platforms.

Ways to Use QR codes in Your Flyers

There are endless possibilities for utilizing these awesome little codes. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Online Menu
    Make it easy for customers to pull up your menu with a single scan.
  • Seasonal Specials
    Let customers know about new or seasonal dishes.
  • Social Media
    Direct customers to your Facebook and Instagram accounts to build your social media marketing.
  • Featured Promos
    Put the tools to access your best deals and promos right in front of your customers.
  • Online Ordering
    Drop your customers right into your online ordering form with a QR code on your flyers.
  • Cashless payment
    Let customers pay their way with QR codes that direct them to your cashless bill pay.

Need help?

We've gotcha covered. Jump in a chat with one of our friendly customer service reps and they'll be happy to help you create a QR code that's perfect for your flyer.