QR Codes on Table Tents

Table tents make it easy to put your QR code right in front of your customers mid meal to highlight your menus and specials, promote events, like your social media accounts, and more!

Design QR Code Table Tents

Benefits of Putting your QR Code on Table Tents

With restaurants needing to be more adaptable than ever, table tents are some of the most versatile marketing materials you can employ to keep customers in the know. They're great for putting your QR code right in front of your customers in an unobtrusive way.

Easy Menu Access

Adding a QR code linking to your menu means that as soon as customers sit down, they can access it at their leisure without having to waste precious waitstaff time. If your table tent is located somewhere outside your establishment, QR codes eliminate the steps it normally takes for customers to search for it themselves online.

Market Midmeal

Table tents are a great way to engage customers during their meal without interrupting the entire dining experience. Adding QR codes that invite them to leave a review, check out your seasonal specials, activate a promotion, or follow you on social media can all prompt further engagement and boost sales.

Provide a Touchless Option

During COVID, QR codes have largely been used by restaurants as a means to go touchless and limit contact. This works perfectly with table tents as it's an easy way to scan and access any important information without needing to touch the card.

How to Add QR codes to a Table Tent:

  1. Choose a template. Find a professionally designed table tent template that highlights your main announcement. This can include daily menus, upcoming events, holiday announcements, discounts, and more.
  2. Create a QR code that supports the goal of your table tent. In the Graphics tab, select QR Code to create your code. You will then have the option to link with your print menu design, website, or social media.
  3. Place the code on your table tent. Many of our table tent designs have a space already created for a code, or you can add one if needed. Then add a quick blurb about where it links to.
  4. Order the prints. Order your table tents from our professional print department and they'll be shipped next business day, scored and ready to use.
  5. Make changes with ease. Our Pro QR Code tools are designed to be easily managed. This means you can edit the links on a single code at any time and it will automatically update to avoid any need for reprinting.
  6. Create more codes anytime. You can create and manage unlimited QR codes. Link to any number of designs, websites, or social media platforms on your marketing materials.

Ways to Use QR codes in Your Table Tents

There are endless possibilities for utilizing a QR code on your table tents, but here are some of our favorites:

  • View your menu design
    Attach your print menu design so customers can access your menu with ease. Need to update the menu that's linked? No problem. Simply refresh the file with your current menu.
  • Link to your specials
    Have a daily menu? Or seasonal offerings? Add it to your table tent as a QR code.
  • Highlight discounts or deals
    One quick scan and customers can access your offer.
  • Connect to a website
    Send customers to your website to learn more about your restaurant and quickly save contact information in their phone. Or link to a website where they can leave a review.
  • Jump to your online ordering system
    Make it as easy as possible for customers to order by directing them to your online ordering system so they can purchase food, drinks, products, and merch.
  • Get social
    Increase your following on your social media platforms by taking them right to your accounts. And this is a great way for them to tag your restaurant when they take photos of your food!

Need assistance?

We're ready to help! Jump in a chat with our friendly customer experience team and they'll be happy to help you create a QR code that's perfect for your table tent.