QR Codes on Sandwich Boards

Make it easy for customers and passersby to scan your QR codes with sandwich boards. Free-standing sidewalk signage is the perfect way to get your QR codes out in front of customers in a big way.

Design QR Code Sandwich Boards

Benefits of QR Codes on Sandwich Boards

It's never been more important for restaurants to connect with customers outside of the storefront. Sandwich boards make it easy to take your marketing to the streets. Adding QR codes to your sidewalk signage gives customers a big reason to stop, scan and interact with your business through their phone.

Easy Menu Access

In our age of convenience, consumers are always looking for the fastest way to get what they want, and QR codes can help them get there. With QR codes on sandwich boards, all it takes is a quick scan. Potential customers can check out your menu and make a decision without needing to enter your storefront, a huge plus during COVID.

Attract Passing Customers

A QR code on your sandwich boards helps you stand out and stick in your customers' mind by prompting them to take an action and engage with your restaurant further. Make sure you print the code large enough for curious passersby to easily scan, even from a distance.

Touchless Interactions

QR codes and sandwich boards are the perfect combination for restaurants during COVID. The QR codes let customers interact with your restaurant from the safety of their device, and the sandwich board lets them scan it from a safe distance, so they're not crowding around it with other customers.

How to Add QR codes to a Poster:

  1. Select a template. Choose from hundreds of professional sandwich board templates, many of which come with a suggested spot for QR codes.
  2. Create a QR code for your sandwich board. Access the Graphics tab and select "QR Code". Here, you'll have the opportunity to link to your menu design, website, social media or any URL you'd like.
  3. Place the code on your poster design. Certain sandwich board templates have spaces already allocated for a QR code, but if not, you can add one. Make sure to include a caption for your code detailing where it will link to, as well brief instructions like "Scan me."
  4. Order the prints. Order your sandwich board prints from our professional print department and they'll be shipped as soon as the next business day. Comes with two inserts for either side and durable plastic stand.
  5. Make changes easily. Our Pro QR Code tools are optimized to be easily manageable. You can edit the links for a single code, whenever you need, and it will update automatically to avoid having to reprint your sandwich boards.
  6. Create more codes if necessary. You're able to create as many QR codes as you like, so you can link to any number of designs, websites, social media platforms, and more.

Ways to Use QR codes on your Sandwich Boards

There are infinite possibilities for utilizing these wonderful little codes. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Opening your menu design
    Allow your customers to jump straight from your sandwich board to your menu in one quick scan.
  • Linking to your seasonal specials
    Customers eager to try your specials? Linking your specials rotation will get them where they need with no hassle.
  • Connecting to your social media channels
    Expand your online presence by linking your Instagram account, Facebook page, or other social media channels.
  • Featuring promotions or deals
    Excite your customers by featuring your promotions or deals through a QR scan.
  • Connecting to your website
    Take customers straight to the heart of your business by linking your website. From there, they may access the menu or look for anything else they're interested in.
  • Directing to your online ordering system
    Encourage online business by creating a quick link to your online ordering system.
  • Highlighting upcoming events
    Generate buzz for your upcoming events by including a QR code that will link to your events page.

Need help?

We've got you covered. Start a chat with one of our friendly customer service reps and they'll help you create a sandwich board that promotes your QR code and restaurant.