Restaurant Sticker Uses

Stickers and Labels

With customizable stickers, you can transform any part of your restaurant into a powerful marketing and branding tool. They're a small product with big benefits!

How stickers and labels can help your restaurant:

Display QR Codes

Stick your QR codes up around your restaurant for easy scanning and touchless ordering. Add them to takeout materials, posters, flyers, table tents, business cards and more!

Brand Your Takeout

With custom stickers, every piece of takeout packaging is an opportunity to attach your logo and build your brand.

Order Labels

Tag each takeout order with your customer's name and name of the dish or drink.

Product Information

Mark your takeout orders with dates for Use By, Best By, and Made On.

Freshness Seals

A custom sticker seal secures your takeout and lets customers know that their order hasn't been tampered with or opened.

Label Your Grab-N-Go

Identify takeout items and highlight their specific features with custom grab-n-go labels.

Post Safety Policies

Direct customers to proper entrances and exits, mark off social distancing spots, remind patrons to wear a mask, and more with safety message stickers.

Display Specials

Easily label certain products as "On Sale" or "Specials."

Serving Instructions

Include instructions on how to best reheat and serve your food.