Make Tabletop Inserts with MustHaveMenus

Create a Tabletop Insert

Want an easy way to update customers about what's going on in your restaurant? Place one of our tabletop inserts in a holder and scatter them on tables and bars for quick viewing! These easy-to-clean standing marketing tools are great for announcing specials, important information, holiday events, and more. Create multiple designs and change them out often to keep your announcements fresh and interesting.

Our easy-to-use design tool allows you to create spectacular inserts in a few clicks of your mouse. Simply choose a template, make edits to text and colors, insert logos and photos, then order your prints. Make them informative, make them fun, or both -- no matter what design you choose, it's sure to leave an impression.

How to Create Tabletop Inserts for Your Restaurant:

1. Choose a template. With endless professionally-designed tabletop insert templates in our library, you're sure to find the design that speaks to you and best supports your restaurant's needs.

2. Edit text and colors. Click on the text boxes and replace the text with what you need. Include fun messages, events, specials, news -- the possibilities are endless!

3. Insert your logo or photos. Drag and drop your logo and add photos that best build your brand and show off your dishes. You can even include a unique QR code that will direct your customers to your online menu from their smartphone.

4. Order prints. Once you're ready to print, order your new tabletop inserts through our professional printing service. They are available in two sizes of durable cardstock.

5. Make changes whenever. Your tabletop insert is saved to your account so you can access it at any time to make a quick edit or order more prints.


Tabletop Inserts Designed for Restaurants

With a long history of creating templates for the restaurant industry, we pride ourselves on making beautiful and functional marketing materials that support what you do. Our exceptional design team creates tabletop inserts that are restaurant-specific, so you can be sure you'll find the right design without having to sort through a bunch of unrelated templates. Plus, you'll have access to all our other designs for half page menus, table tents, posters, and more.

Tabletop Insert Design Tool

With our intuitive drag and drop design tool, it's easy to create a tabletop insert that's exclusive to you and your business. Just choose a professionally-designed tabletop insert template from our library and alter it to incorporate your unique logo, fonts, colors, and message. If you have any issues, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service team. They're ready to help design the perfect tabletop insert for you to display.


Tabletop Insert Printing and Delivery

Once you've designed the ideal tabletop insert, all you have to do is order the prints and we'll take care of the rest. Our tabletop inserts come in two sizes depending on what size holder you have, and are printed on thick cardstock that will last. We hold the G7 Master Qualification in printing, a certification for the highest accuracy, consistency, and quality of full-color printing. And with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from our team, you'll always be impressed by the quality of your tabletop inserts. Professional printing plus quick delivery means you'll be topping those tables with impressive marketing materials in no time!