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Find a menu template on MustHaveMenus that shows off your restaurant's uniqueness, creativity, and brand. Simply browse below. We also invite you to try our new editing tool, Menu Builder 2.0, which lets you switch backgrounds, paper size, layouts, columns, fonts and more! You'll love the flexibility.

Popular menu designs

Vegan Cafe Menu
Vegan Cafe Menu
Red Wine Menu
Red Wine Menu
Yacht Club Cafe Menu
Yacht Club Cafe Menu
Chalkboard Cafe Menu
Chalkboard Cafe Menu

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Casual Restaurant Menu Set
Casual Restaurant Menu Set
Sidewalk Cafe Menu Set
Sidewalk Cafe Set
New Cafe Menu Set
New Cafe Menu Set
Veggie Menu Set
Veggie Menu Set

Seasonal menus

Restaurant Flyer
New Years Menu
New Year's
Valentines menus
St Patricks menus
St. Patrick's
Easter menus
Mothers Day menus
Mother's Day
Thanksgiving Menu
Red Wine Menu

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All 2.0 menus can easily change sizes.

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