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Printing + Finishing Services

We know how important your menu is to your business. Not only does it leave a lasting impression on your customers, it demonstrates your commitment to quality and excellent service. Standing out from the crowd is crucial in the restaurant industry. Nothing can replace a memorable experience that will keep your customers coming back and generate the word-of-mouth advertising you depend on for business growth. We want to help you get there.

Digital Press Technology — We use digital press technology to ensure accurate and vibrant color reproduction at an economical cost far exceeding home inkjet printing. Our presses are color calibrated to ensure accurate color representation. Your menus will look sharp and polished with rich colors and consistent quality.

Lamination — Laminating your menus creates a beautiful product that can stand alone, independent of cumbersome menu jackets. This clear layer of 3mm film protects your menu from moisture and wear and tear. The 1/8 in. laminate border around the edges adds sturdiness and prevents peeling and crinkled corners.

Paper Quality — Take the guesswork out of paper selection. We offer the best available paper for menus with strong high-quality papers that provide durable, lasting functionality. Menu paper is 10% post and 40% pre, recycled material. Our bright white papers with a slight gloss finish offers solid image quality and ink adhesion for accurate and eye-popping color reproduction.

Quality Control - We take pride in our products. Our designers are the final judge and make the decisions regarding overall product quality — and they are fussy. They want your menu and marketing materials from art, design, content to printing to be the best — just like you do.

Printing is as much a craft as it is a manufacturing process. It is important to us that your menus are perfect, with quality color reproduction and top-notch paper stock, so let us help you look good. We're so sure you'll love your new menus that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Get An Optional Press Proof

Be confident that you have the exact menu you want. Your menu is the key to success. We'll print your product on the same production equipment as a regular production and use final product papers. We'll also laminate your press proof for a menu.

Menus and Table Tents are available in a quantity of 1 and Takeout Menus are available in a quantity of 10. Simply go to MyMenus, select your menu and under "Printing", click "Order a Press Proof".

Show it to your staff and test it with your customers. This is the opportunity to get opinions, feedback and corrections before you go to press with your order.

Order production + shipping

Most orders are processed on the next business day. For your planning purposes assume 1 to 2 days for production and 2 to 5 days for transit in the US and 3 to 6 days in Canada. Orders are shipped UPS ground in the US and by Purolator Courier in Canada. ( We cannot ship to some areas in Canada, which are not supported by ground shipments. We will contact you if shipping is not viable to your area. )

Expedited 2nd day shipping is also available in the US for an extra charge.

You will receive an order confirmation immediately after the order is received at MustHaveMenus. When we ship the order, we'll send you a shipping notice and will include a courier tracking number so that you can follow your parcel and get an up to date expected package arrival.

Getting a Print Quote

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Shipping charges are not shown. Shipping charges are calculated by the number of items in the order. To get the shipping price for an order simply enter the items in the shopping cart by selecting each from your MyMenus page. When all items are entered, click the checkout button on the Shopping Cart. The Delivery Information page will display the total shipping cost and options that are available.

If you want to place the order, click the continue button. If not, click the back button and you can clear the cart or leave the cart and its items open for later use.

What Customers Are Saying

"You know, I'm glad I found you guys! So far, it's perfect. The menus are great. The site is very user friendly. It's a great tool. I had fun using it. I like the publishing feature. I have total control, that is what I really like."

~ Arthur, GM of the Radisson Hotel Chatsworth, Chatsworth, CA

"Oh, my gosh, the menus are really amazing. Customers think we actually changed the items, but we just changed the menu! The lamination is great and easy to clean. The process was easy and simple to order."

~ Daphne, Badlands Burgers & Tortas from Grants NM

"We were very well pleased with our order. The menus look gorgeous. They're perfect. The turn around time to have them printed on such quality paper was amazing. We're very well pleased."

~ Angel, The Soul Food Bistro Jacksonville FL

"The menus are cool! I like them! The pricing was reasonable too! You can take them somewhere else, but they charge you a ton."

~ Richard, Twisted Sage Cafe, San Dimas CA