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Many of the people who patronize wine bars are, to make a generalization, tech-savvy and always on the lookout for something new to try. A wine bar's website is an essential marketing tool for reaching new customers and enticing existing ones back more often. When designing a website for your wine bar, incorporate a sophisticated and tasteful yet trendy look and feel.

Where Style and Functionality Meet

Add personality to your wine bar's website, but don't sacrifice user-friendliness or practical applications in doing so. Use stylized fonts, graphics, and pictures that capture the vibe of your brick-and-mortar location. At the same time, avoid those that are so flashy they make reading or viewing your website unpleasant (always get a few outside opinions). Don't be excessive with the number of fonts, colors, or images used. Keep the overall theme and feel of your website consistent across pages. No matter how you stylize your wine bar's website, remember that visitors expect to quickly locate basic business information, your menu, and any links.

Highlight Key Selling Points

If your establishment features certain music, offers rare wines, serves a unique cocktail or dish, or has another distinction, talk about it on your website's home page. You don't need big, bold type, bright colors, or flashing graphics to draw attention to this content. The reader's eye typically falls near the top, left corner of a web page first. It then goes to headlines or a primary block of text to determine what information the page offers. Highlight your wine bar's selling points near the top left of the landing page. Otherwise, make this information visible on the home page elsewhere without any scrolling required. Start the section with a slightly larger, attention-grabbing headline.

Engage Your Web Audience

Some visitors go directly to your website for certain information, while others stumble across it and check it out. Both types of visitor are notoriously impatient, but the latter is usually itching to move along. Always be direct and concise. Wordy or ungrammatical and misspelled content sends web readers running. This doesn't mean your copy must be as basic and minimal as possible. Hold attention longer with copy that stands out from the competition's. Discuss wine, feature products with history or other details about them, write descriptive passages about beverages and food that engage the readers' senses, or find other ways to differentiate and spice up your website's copy. If you aren't a gifted writer, it's worthwhile to hire one. Avoid large, unbroken blocks of text. Break pages up visually with professional photographs of your wine bar and its products or other images.

Welcome Wine Lovers

Your public is quicker to embrace a website and a business that seeks their input and fosters personal relationships. Use your website to interact with patrons and the local wine loving community. Add a forum or message board to your wine bar's website. Start conversations about wine, other alcoholic beverages, and cuisine. Request customer feedback. Develop an online community and offer members deals or arrange events for them in your bar. Just one word of caution: only try this if you're willing to consistently put in the time to participate in and monitor the conversations.

Written by: Jon Mohrman

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