QR Codes on Tabletop Inserts

Your eager customers have just sat down and are taking in their surroundings... what's one of the first things they'll see? Your tabletop inserts! These small but mighty marketing materials take center stage on your tables, advertising specials, upcoming events, and deals to every single customer.

Create QR Code Inserts

Advantages of QR Codes on Tabletop Inserts

With the advent of smartphones, connecting to customers through their devices has become the cornerstone of successful marketing. QR codes provide an incentive for your patrons to use their phones and browse whatever you have linked -- whether it's your online menu, your website, your social media pages, and more. Adding QR codes to tabletop inserts makes it easy for your customers to connect with your restaurant through a simple scan of their phone!

Simple Menu Access

Eliminate steps to accessing your menu by adding a QR code to your tabletop insert. Tabletop inserts sit right in front of your customers, making it super easy for customers to quickly scan and pull up your menu.

Connect Instantly

Oftentimes, after glancing at your tabletop insert, customers will turn their attention away. With QR codes, however, you encourage patrons to engage further with your menu, website, or other elements of your brand -- whatever your messaging may be, it will stick in your customers' heads long after they have left your restaurant.

Go Touchless

Including QR codes on your tabletop inserts can help eliminate contact and avoid the spread of germs. During COVID, this is highly important, but the pandemic has also shed light on the importance of staying germ-free all the time, so going touchless with QR codes will remain an important factor in the future.

How to Add QR codes to a Tabletop Insert:

  1. Pick a template. Choose a professionally designed tabletop insert template that you think will serve your needs -- whether you're showcasing your specials, a promotion, or a simple template that focuses solely on your QR code and whatever it links to.
  2. Create a QR code that supports the goal of your tabletop insert. Access the Graphics tab and select QR Code. You can choose to link to your print menu design, social media, or website.
  3. Place the code on your tabletop insert. Certain insert templates have space designated for a QR code, but if yours doesn't, you can make room for one on the design. Make sure to write a quick description about where it links to somewhere around the QR code.
  4. Order your prints. Order your tabletop inserts from our exceptional print department and they'll arrive wherever you need them next business day.
  5. Make edits easily. Our Pro QR Code tools are intuitive and easily manageable; you can edit links on one QR code at any time and it will automatically update to avoid reprinting your tabletop inserts.
  6. Create more codes if needed. You can create and manage unlimited QR codes so you can link to any number of menu designs, websites, or social media pages.

Ways to Use QR codes in Your Tabletop Inserts

There are unlimited possibilities for utilizing QR Codes. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Opening your menu design
    Eliminate extra steps linking the QR code to your online menu.
  • Linking to your seasonal specials
    Entice your customers to indulge in your delicious seasonal specialties by linking them with a QR code. You could even include some food images on the insert design to encourage them to scan the code as soon as possible.
  • Connecting to your social media channels
    Boost your social media following and outreach by linking it to your QR code. After your satisfied customers leave your restaurant, they'll know which social media accounts to share with their friends!
  • Featuring promotions or deals
    Having promotions and deals are highly marketable events, and linking your QR code to them will encourage all customers to participate.
  • Connecting to your website
    Introduce new customers to the heart of your brand by linking your website to the QR code. From there, they can navigate to your menu, your online ordering system, or anywhere else they like.
  • Directing to your online ordering system
    Linking your online ordering system directly to the QR code will expedite the ordering process for eager customers.
  • Highlighting upcoming events
    Your patrons will be the first to know about your upcoming events when you link them to the QR code on your tabletop inserts! This also gives them plenty of time to get a big group together to come to your restaurant when the events are going on.

Need help?

We've got you covered -- just jump in a chat with one of our amiable customer service reps and they'll be eager to offer their assistance in helping you create a unique QR code that's perfect for your tabletop insert.