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You asked. We listened.

We are excited to announce new upgrades to the Menu Maker! Our aim is to reduce the amount of time and energy it takes to make a beautiful, profitable menu.

Easy-to-Use Tools

Less Clicking,
More Creating

More Flexibility
and Control

New upgrades to the Menu Maker

New tools!

Add a colored border to any photo

Easier spacing controls

to adjust your content

One-click formatting options

to customize how your items display

Simplified navigation

for faster access to the design tools

Expanded highlight controls

to add a frame or fill to any content

Custom margin settings

to adjust your fit

Your menus will not be affected; only the menu maker is changing.

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$99 / page

Direct Contact with Your Designer

Data Entry

Pro Formatting

Photo & Graphics

Menu Best Practices

Pro Proofing & Perfect Print Prep

Menu Maker Walk-Thru


$199 / page

Direct Contact with Your Designer

Custom Color Selects

Custom Backgrounds

Custom Icons

Custom Accents

Photo Recommendations

SAVE BIG! 3 Menus $999

Takeout, Dine-In, Specialty
Ultimate Design Service



Branded Menu Suite

Up to 6 Menus

New Original Design

Logo, Images, Color, Style

Full Brand Assessment

In-Depth Revisions

30 Days Start to Finish!

See Brand Services

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