Rosa’s Pizzeria Celebrates 5 Years and A New Menu Design

Rosas-Pizzeria-CASE-STUDYAt the approach of Rosa’s Pizzeria’s fifth year in business, General Manager Aaron Wind had a vision for a menu redesign but didn’t have the time to do it himself. He wanted to be able to work with someone who could take direction and create exactly what he envisioned, cooperatively and quickly. Working with independent designers in the past proved too expensive with less than desirable results.  

MHM: What prompted you to create a new menu?Aaron: As we entered our 5th year in business, it became apparent that we needed to upgrade our entire line of menus.MHM: Why did you decide to change your menu building process?Aaron: We were fortunate that our business had grown and we needed our menu to reflect the look and feel of our restaurant, today. We had been using a generic template since 2011. It didn’t allow for customization at all. Everything from getting the text edited correctly, allowing room for graphics to making columns was a challenge. And we wanted something that looked like a menu instead of an office document. Traditional printing services don’t understand the nuances of menu building: font sizing, columns, graphics, enhancements, copying and editing text–those options were never on the table before until MustHaveMenus.MHM: What were your concerns using our Design Services (DS) and what ultimately gave you confidence that they could meet your expectations?Aaron: I chose to use the Design Services because I simply don’t have the time to build the menu myself. I was confident MHM would be able to create a great product based on their website/samples I had received. My main concern was about the attention to detail not working face-to-face with someone. However, it became immediately apparent that this was not going to be an issue. Within 24 hours of sending over my current menu (at the time), I had a draft on a themed template that I had selected. It didn’t work like I imagined. After selecting a new theme, I received another draft less than 24 hours later, which had been customized to fit my menu options. I appreciated that the thoughts I had exchanged via e-mail were being expressed on the menu design and that my desire for perfection was embraced and not seen as an annoyance. They ended up delivering in a big way. We ended up creating a whole new line of menus; an in-house menu, a kids menu, a dessert menu, and to-go menus.MHM: Was the cost of membership worth the benefit of working with DS?Aaron: The cost of membership was easily worth it. I’ve spent much more money in the past for much less talented design help. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would cost me to pay an independent designer to do this task, but I know it certainly wouldn’t have been in my budget. The turnaround time was exceptional. Oftentimes, I would request changes and they would be done within hours of when I submitted them. That was my favorite part of the experience: how personal it was but at the same time, incredibly efficient. We completed an entire set of menus from start to finish in less time than I’ve spent creating a single menu at a traditional office print center in the past. I am so pleased that I chose to work with Must Have Menus.MHM: What stands out the most for you about your MustHaveMenus experience?Aaron: What I appreciated the most was how quickly the Design Services team was able to work on my menus and make changes when I requested. They were very detail-oriented and executed to perfection the vision I had in my head. I was just so thrilled with the level of customer service and the speed and efficiency in which they produced my menus. It felt like I was their only client and they had a vested interest in the menus themselves. I have received wonderful feedback from my guests already — commenting on how clean and easy to read they are, as well as the nice use of colors.MHM: How do you see MustHaveMenus’ role in the future?Aaron: I can’t imagine using anybody else for my menu needs going forward. It’s such a relief knowing I have a business partner that will alleviate a lot of the stress that goes into menu creation in the future. I now look forward to updating my menu in the future to keep up with guest demands, seasons, food cost and everything else that goes into creation. I look forward to a long partnership with Must Have Menus. Thank you, MHM!  

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