Convert Online Visitors to Restaurant Customers

Stocksy_txp244031f0zoa000_Small_594317Visitors are flocking to your website, the number of your followers is growing, but seats in your restaurant are still not filling up any faster. Turn your focus towards converting website visitors and social media fans into customers. 

Offer an Incentive in Exchange for an Email: Give website visitors a reason to sign up for your email list. A coupon for an appetizer, compliments of the chef, might be all it takes to convert a website visitor to a potential customer, and ultimately, into a loyal patron. Plus, now you have permission to share your content with them via email, the perfect medium for sending regular newsletters, new menus, on-site events and food pairings, live entertainment, special offers or media write-ups.

Post a Promotion: The same advice goes for your social media channels where it’s easy to post a time-sensitive offer. On Facebook, for example, just create an offer at the top of your page’s timeline. Fill in the pertinent details, preview the post to the left, and click create offer. Then try “boosting” your post to maximize its reach. A mere $25 investment could triple the eyeballs on your post and increase the odds your offer will be redeemed. You can also reuse the same offer content on your Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat accounts. Try “Take 25% off on National Donut Day” or “Complimentary dessert with your 1st mobile order.” Make it relevant to your restaurant and give it an expiration date to create a sense of urgency for your fans.

Create “Gateway” Experiences: Invite potential customers to experience your restaurant by creating “gateway” experiences. Does your eatery offer happy hour? How about a tasting menu or prix fixe dining option? Make sure these experiences are prominently displayed on your website and shared through all of your content channels (email, social media, onsite, etc.). Create table tents to promote upcoming promotions and specials, or think outside the box by placing this type of content on the thank you page that populates after one signs up for the email newsletter.

Make Online and Mobile Ordering Easy: If the visitor perusing your mobile website starts to salivate over your lunch menu, why not give them the opportunity to order their lunch right then and there? Online and mobile ordering is great for customers looking for something quick and convenient, especially during the busy workweek. The decision-making is done, and payment accepted, all before their food is ready to go. If you need to create an online menu, Click here to get started.

Sometimes your virtual visitors just need some extra motivation to give your restaurant a go, but once they have savoured their breakfast, lunch or dinner at your restaurant, enticing them to come back for another bite will seem effortless.