15 Common Restaurant Menu Typos

Food words often have tricky spellings, thanks to their far-flung linguistic origins. But typos on menus are distracting to customers and detract from your overall sense of quality dining. Double-check your menu for these common mistakes.

1. caesar

The emperor of salads is a tough one to type. A before e.
MustHaveMenus Menu Typos caesar salad

2. bruschetta

This classic Italian appetizer is hard to spell and pronounce (it’s brew-sket-ta), but don’t skip that c in the middle.
MustHaveMenus Menu Typos bruschetta

3. homemade

Same goes for housemade – it’s written as a single word.
MustHaveMenus Menu Typos homemade

4. tomato / tomatoes

To-may-to, to-mah-to…however you say it, there’s only one correct spelling. That pesky e only makes its appearance in the plural.
MustHaveMenus Menu Typos tomato

5. jalapeño

This pepper comes from Mexico, where ñ is a different letter than n. To use this symbol on your menu, find it on the Character Map (on a pc) or Character Palette (Mac), or use Insert > Symbol in Microsoft Word and copy it into your menu.
MustHaveMenus Menu Typos jalapeno

6. iced tea

Ice up that tea, and don’t forget the d.
MustHaveMenus Menu Typos iced tea

7. vinaigrette

This classic salad dressing is made with vinegar, but not spelled the same.
MustHaveMenus Menu Typos vinaigrette

8. aioli

Yes, there are a lot of vowels involved, but sound it out and you’ll get them in the right order.
MustHaveMenus Menu Typos aioli

9. breadstick

Nom nom nom. Everyone loves breadsticks. Hitch the words together with no space between.
MustHaveMenus_MenuMustHaveMenus Menu Typos breadstick

10. broccoli

This cruciferous green has a double helping of c – Vitamin C, in fact.
MustHaveMenus Menu Typos broccoli

11. ciabatta

Ciao baguettes, ciabatta is the new favorite bread in town.
MustHaveMenus Menu Typos ciabatta

12. raspberry

Beware the silent p in these sweet berries.
MustHaveMenus Menu Typos raspberry

13. fettuccine

Italian words use double-consonant combos all over the place (mozzarella is another good example), so double-check your spellings.
MustHaveMenus Menu Typos fettuccine

14. filet

Like salmon and veal, filet has a single l.
MustHaveMenus Menu Typos filet

15. whipped cream

A whip is the tool you use, but the cream is whipped.
MustHaveMenus_Menu Typos whipped cream