Boost April Profits at your Restaurant

April might be light on holidays this year, but you can still find great opportunities to run promotions this month. Creative promotions help you build community spirit, give your regulars a little variety, and draw new diners to fill the seats. From spring flavors to tax day to community events, we’ve got 6 great ideas to make April a profitable month.

1. Spring Is Here!

April restaurant flavorsMove over, winter – it’s time for spring flavors. Our spring specials menus are packed with tasty ideas for seasonal promotions, from Dungeness crab to garden peas. Serve up fresh favorites like grilled asparagus and steamed artichoke. Baby radishes, cucumber and kale are perfect for spring salads. And don’t forget the strawberry and rhubarb desserts your patrons look forward to all winter. Choose from colorful full-page templates or half-page inserts. Describe your new dishes on Facebook or in an email campaign so customers can’t resist.

2. Tax Day (Mon 4/15)

Your diners might be feeling the pinch this year, so offer them something to take the edge off. Many restaurant chains offer Tax Day Freebies, such as a free scoop of ice cream. Try a 10% off “tax refund” coupon, or 2-for-1 entrees for a nice date night incentive. Or simply display your daily specials on our popular recession menu theme.

3. Earth Day (Mon 4/22)

Your Earth Day promotions might be behind-the-scenes, but they give you something to talk about on Facebook, with your customers, and potentially with local news outlets. What foods on your menu are fresh from a local farm or kitchen garden? Do you recycle or compost? Can your staff ride their bikes or bus to work for the day? Do you offer a bike-to-work incentive or secure lock-ups for customer bicycles? Are your takeout containers or silverware compostable? Whatever you do for the earth, your customers will respect you for it, so get the word out!

4. Game Day

Sports promo ideasIf your restaurant or bar caters to the sports-loving crowd, you can build promotions around any of the big tournaments this month. A sports flyer lets fans know that your establishment has the best game day setup in town, and promotes your burgers, wings, or beer specials. The Masters golf tournament runs April 8-14, NBA playoffs start April 20, and the Stanley Cup hockey playoffs begin April 30. And if you sponsor any local teams, be sure to promote their schedule and consider offering incentives for teams and tired parents to refuel after a long game day.

5. March of Dimes (check your local event listing)

This nationwide charity walk for infant health is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. A cause that’s near and dear to many of your staff and customers is an opportunity to invest in your community. Consider putting together a company team to join the walk, donating beverages and snacks for walkers, or offering discounted meals to walk participants throughout the day. Check the March of Dimes website for details about your city’s walk event.

6. Outdoor Dining

If your restaurant has any sidewalk or patio space for outdoor dining, take advantage of the milder weather to utilize that outdoor seating. Diners will jump at the chance to soak up some spring sunshine after a chilly March. If temperatures are still unsteady, outdoor heating units will keep your guests comfortable. And if it’s not quite warm enough yet, leave a little reminder on a table tent or in a check insert that your outdoor dining area opens soon.

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