Branding Your Restaurant with Menu Sets

american bar menu setOne of the most important parts of branding your restaurant has to do with consistency. Consistency applies to every aspect of your business – product (food and beverages), service (everyone on your team’s interaction with the customer) and image (the perception your customers and potential customers have of you).

Consistency in Your Brand

Consistency of your product is so important to keeping food and drink going out the door. Consistency in service is important to the experience your guests have. Consistency in image helps keep your restaurant in the forefront of your customers’ minds.

That’s why it’s important to consider every piece you create to market your business in the grand scheme of your brand. Here are a few questions to ask about your marketing materials:

  • Does this piece reflect our approach toward food, service and our customers?
  • Does this piece give the customer the right information?
  • Is there anything misleading about this piece – the offer, the timeframe, etc.?
  • Does this piece scream, “That’s Joe’s place. I can’t wait to go there for dinner!”?

Consistency in Menu Sets

One of the simplest ways to find this consistency is to work within some brand guidelines. Most companies develop a branding guide for how to use slogans, logos, images and other pieces related to the “brand.”

As a restaurant owner, you may be your marketing department. So, you may not have set brand guidelines. A designer or marketing consultant can help you with this, but so can we for just $15 per month.

Our menu set templates give you a way to show consistency across all of your marketing materials and even Facebook. The advantage of working within these sets is that you have consistency in your look no matter what you’re promoting – whether it’s your catering menu or takeout selections.

Designer Menu Sets

Our 40+ menu sets are categorized by menu style – from the new American beer menu set (designed for a pub) to our elegant fine dining menu set to a cafe restaurant set. These sets included everything from coupons and business cards to long, short and takeout menus. All of the templates are professionally designed and work together to give you a consistent, cohesive look.

Additionally, you can add images (such as your logo) and adjust font size and spacing within the online menu editor that’s accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection – on your tablet, Mac or PC. You can make changes on the fly and access your files 24/7/365.

Next Steps: Check out our new collection of designer menu sets and start building your brand online and offline with MustHaveMenus. Not a member? Sign up now to access more than 3,000 menu and flyer designs for just $15/month.