Four Top Tips for Highlighting Restaurant Menu Specials

Menu specials serve a “special purpose” in your restaurant – they give you an opportunity to introduce new menu items, to sell more of a menu item that needs to move and to give regular customers variety.

Communicating these specials can help you build interest in your daily lunch menu or help you reach new customers. Here are four ways to highlight your specials and grow your sales.

summer specialties menuSpecials Menu

In our recent article, Six Menus Every Restaurant Needs, we highlighted why using a separate specials menu can help you increase sales. It’s a great way to showcase limited time items, holiday offerings and a daily lunch plate.

But there’s another reason to highlight specials on a printed menu – it helps your customers make a decision.  Think about it: a customer sees the special at the door while he/she is waiting. They sit down and can’t remember exactly what the special is. They have to ask the server. No big deal, but wouldn’t it help the customer to have a menu to review the ingredients, price, etc.?

Same goes for the server spouting off the specials. Most customers don’t hear all that and can’t catch the special quickly enough to ask questions.

Bottom Line: A printed specials menu is a simple way to sell more high-profit menu items and a way to help educate your customers on your delicious food.

See our selection of designer specials menus that you can edit and print in a matter of minutes.

flyer for restaurant eventSpecials Flyers

Looking for a way to drum up some Tuesday night business? Or to increase lunch sales on Sunday? Try creating a specials flyer for Tapas Tuesdays or Family Brunch.

Using a flyer to highlight special menu offerings can help you reach a new crowd and fill in a gap in your sales. Here are a few tips for creating a winning specials flyer:

  1. Keep the specials flyer simple. Give customers the highlights, pricing, times/days specials are valid and contact info for your restaurant.
  2. Highlight 3 to 5 menu items or buffet highlights on your flyer. Try to keep the entire flyer to under 50 words. This will help you communicate but not over inform.
  3. Use calls to action. Try leading them somewhere else such as – See our full menu at our website or Facebook page and the link.

hamburger table tent menuTable Tents

An alternative to printing up a specials menu is to give your customers a guide to your weekly specials in the form of a table tent. Keep the text simple with a name, a brief description and pricing as well as the dates/times the specials are available. This is especially appealing for bar food options, dinner specials, desserts or vegetarian options.


If you offer daily specials, it’s probably safe to assume your Facebook page has a good number of fans. What better place to see what’s for lunch or dinner? If you do offer daily lunch specials and don’t have them on Facebook, get started today!

Here are a few tips for sharing your specials on Facebook:

  1. Use a picture. Sure, you may have more than one special for the day, but a great graphic will result in more eyeballs seeing your special.
  2. Use a short, detailed description. Make a serving suggestion or describe the flavor of the dish. Use adjectives that will make your customers hungry!
  3. Use a call to action and give a price. It’s not a bad idea to give your customers the price and a simple “come see us.”
  4. Link to your longer specials menu. If you have more than one daily special or a rotating menu, post it to your Facebook page with the Menu app and link your special to it. Here’s a guide on how to do that.

Next Steps

Tell us what you think about highlighting specials on our Facebook page. Did we miss anything? Are you doing something that works great and want to share?

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