Six Menus Every Restaurant Needs

Menus are your marketing piece. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. That’s why we give you more than 2,500 menu design templates to help you present your food and drink in the best light possible.

While your main menu should be your real focus, splitting your menu into six separate menus can do two things for you and your dine-in customers – simplify the ordering process and drive more sales. Let’s explore the six menus every restaurant needs.

Main Menu

Your main menu should house all the information about your appetizers and main courses. It’s fine to give customers a glimpse of dessert and drink offerings, but these are often afterthoughts for most customers. Giving them the main idea in your main menu makes the process of ordering their main entree a little easier. It also presents everything to customers browsing your menu online or on Facebook.

The Other Five Menus

Not all of these menus will apply to your restaurant, but if you offer sit-down service or a bar option for your customers, then it’s important to consider these other types of menus. Even if you don’t have sit down service, your customers can benefit from a catering menu or seasonal specials menu.

The goal of these other menus is to give you another chance to reach out to your customers. Here are the five other menus and how they can benefit you:

Drink Menu colorful summer drinks menu

Whether you call it a wine list, bar menu or cocktail menu, this menu is a chance to cash in some lucrative drink sales. During that brief interval where customers are waiting on a table or a server, when they’re presented with this menu, it gives them a place to start.

Kids Menu

The little ones at the table feel honored when they get their own menu, plus the kids menu provides some entertainment for the wee ones. It’s an investment worth making because it gives your customers an easy way to communicate your kid offerings to their children. It’s also a good distraction so Mom and Dad can peruse your main menu.

Dessert Menu

healthy dessert menu


Unless the customer is ordering their dessert for their meal, a separate dessert menu makes sense for dine-in customers. It gives the server an opportunity to upsell the customer to dessert and to refer customers to their recommendations.

Catering Menu

catering platter menu


If you’re in the catering business, it’s a given that you need a separate catering menu for your bulk items, trays and catering options. This menu should be displayed in a convenient location (near the register, at the door, on Facebook and on the tables)

Specials Menu

Specials menus can range from limited time items to a daily lunch plate. The benefit of specials menus is that they can increase sales, help you determine whether something will be a hit for your main menu and act as a promotion during holidays and times when you need to drive business. Consider specials menus as “hooks” to stay top of mind with your customers.

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