How to Get Your Menu on Facebook in a Few Clicks

menu on facebook with musthavemenus

Why Put Your Menu on Facebook?

Your customers want you to meet them where they are – on Facebook. That’s why it’s so important to make your Facebook page as “friendly” as possible. And the best place to start is the menu.

The MustHaveMenus’ Facebook menu app helps you meet the purpose of the social network – interaction.

Here are just a few ways your customers can interact with your menu:

  • Link to it to describe the fantastic dinner they had last night
  • Share your menu as a recommendation to friends and family
  • Access your specials &  find their favorite dishes in a click

  • How to Get Your Menu on Facebook in a Few Clicks

    Putting your menu on your Facebook page with the MustHaveMenus app is more than a link or an image. It gives you a permanent home for your menu, so it never gets lost in the Wall posts or images.

    As you can see in the screenshot below, your menu is always center stage for easy reference and sharing.

    your restaurant menu on facebook

    Or you can post it to your Wall, like so:

    your menu on your facebook wall

    How to Publish Your Menu to Your Timeline Favorites

    The favorites are the new “tabs” on Facebook’s recent upgrade. As you can see above, your menu is now center stage when a customer lands on your Facebook page. Here’s how to get your menu on this favorites bar in just a few  clicks with MustHaveMenus.

    1. Find the menu you created for printing on your MyMenus Page


    2. Click the button that says Publish to Facebook.

    publish your menu to facebook in a click

    3. A Facebook screen will popup and ask you to “Allow” this app to publish.

    Permission to add a menu to Facebook

    4. Confirm that you want to publish the menu. Done!

    publish menu confirmation

    How to Publish a Menu to Your Wall

    You can publish your menu to your Facebook Wall in the MyMenus area with the Manage Facebook tool. The MustHaveMenus Facebook app requires that you publish the menu first. Please see above steps on how to publish a menu. Here are the steps for posting your menu to your Facebook Wall. And remember you can have as many menus published as you like.

    1. Find the published menu you want to post to your Wall in MyMenus. Select the Manage Facebook button (shown below).

    manage published menu

    2. Select Post to Wall.

    post menu to wall button

    3. Enter a message you want to include with your Wall post. Click Post and you’re done!

    post menu to wall

    What about updates?

    There’s an “Update” button next to every menu you have published to Facebook under MyMenus. You can have multiple menus published at once (lunch, dinner, specials, etc.) and this feature makes it simple to edit and update without having to repost.

    update your menu on facebook

    Need help? Check out our handy list of Frequently Asked Questions or contact us online or at 800-452-2234 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PDT).

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