Design of the Week: Frozen Cocktail Menu + How to Promote Your Signature Drinks

Frozen Cocktail Menu of the week

 This week’s Design of the Week features a Frozen Cocktail Menu. This cocktail menu’s black and green design elements speak elegance, which is perfect for the upscale bar. You can get this fab menu out and about in minutes with the Menu Editor. Just click, update and print! It’s so simple.Summertime is a great time to introduce a new cocktail menu and a signature frozen drink.Here are ideas for promoting your signature drink:

  • Facebook. Post pictures on Facebook of the customers who try your drink at your restaurant, and quote them on what they want to say about the drink.
  • Frozen drink menu. Make a menu that focuses only on frozen drinks for the summer. Highlight the signature drink by putting it on the top of the menu.
  • Drink of the week. Select a frozen concoction and give it a special price. Let the customers vote on which drink they like best and make it the drink of the week! You can see how many likes it gets on Facebook to track the popularity.
  • Bring a friend. Pick a night of the week like Thursday to make your signature drink 2-for-1. Be sure to Tweet, Facebook and invite your email list on in!

How are you promoting your specialty drink?

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