How Online Menu Software Helps You Tell a Better Story

Rebecca Pollack Scherr revealed that most restaurants provide a separate kids menu for the little ones in the Restaurant SmartBrief weekly poll. In her recap of all that’s happening in kids menu land right now, she wrote that restaurants, chefs, federal agencies and other foodservice professionals are working to tell a better story than fried chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese on the kids menu.This got me to thinking about how our customers can use their MustHaveMenus online menu software subscription to make a better kids’ menu. We make an effort to give our customers lots of options in kids’ menu choices. Kids’ menus are actually in the top 10 menu template types on our site.Today, I took a tour of our kids’ menu samples and came up with few ways to help you tell your healthier kids’ menu story in just a few minutes.

Tell the Story of Exercise

kids party menu templateThis kids party menu template gives kids some fun jokes about being outside and being active. Using this menu, you can show kids that activity and healthy options are fun. Our advice (listed in the sample menu text) is to give kids lots of healthy options alongside their favorites.While the menu itself is not going to change a kids mind about what they eat, the healthy lifestyle imagery is a conversation starter for kids and parents. In essence, the design is the beginning of a healthy story time for the kids.

Tell the Story of What Goes on a Healthy Plate

 kids chef menuOur chef kids menu template can help the server tell a healthy story for the little patrons of your restaurant. He or she can ask the kids to draw a fruit, veggie and meat on the plate as a way to remember their order. The games on this template also teach kids about what happens in a restaurant.Marketing Tip: This little menu is a good tool for chefs to to kids and parents about the importance of picking healthy options.

Tell the Story of Fun & Conversation

kids menu game template

Not only should the kids menu give kids healthy options, it should give kids the opportunity to have a conversation with their family. Conversations about the food they order, the activities on the page and the creativity kids show in their self-portrait helps kids learn. Kids learn from talking about the things they read, draw and see. A kids game menu can be a stepping stone for those conversations.

How Our Menu Editor Online Software Helps

We produce menus based on our customers’ needs and we know that helping kids and families make better choices is at the top of the list. We want you to have conversation starting designs that are easy to update in minutes. Get started with telling a better kids menu story here.More Stories Like This:Biggest Loser Says Restaurants Need to Shape Up Their MenusWhat do Parents Want to See on Your Kids’ Menu?Mom Marketing Series

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