Last Minute Promotion Ideas for the Royal Wedding

royal wedding menu templateThursday and Friday, the world will pause in awe as the last prince of Wales weds Kate Middleton live from Westminster Abbey. If you’re looking for a way to fill your restaurant or bar on Thursday or Friday, the Royal Channel can help. They are broadcasting the festivities live on YouTube.Here are a few ideas for a last-minute Royal Wedding promotion.

Family Friendly Restaurants

  1. Invite princes and princess costumed kids in for a free royal kid’s meal. Send an invite out to your Facebook fans, email list and Twitter followers.
  2. Hold a royal wedding coloring contest and award prizes. Send a press release with the winners on Monday.
  3. Play royal trivia games for prizes. You may want to talk to that spa nearby about trading out for some prizes. Princesses like to be pampered, after all.
  4. Spread the word of your Royal Wedding Replay with our wedding table tents here. Simply use the Menu Editor to update the names with Prince William & Kate, your specials and print.

Happy Hour or Bar Countdown to the Nuptials

This is a great driver for business on Thursday evening and Friday Happy Hour.You can get a few screens up with the countdown on Thursday and show a replay on Friday. (This article showcases all the networks and their coverage.) Offer specially priced shots and cordial drinks to celebrate the wedding of the century.Get a few ideas for your royal wedding menu and flyer designs here.Get some royal wedding trivia game ideas at this A to Z guide on the royal wedding.

Hotel or Club Royal Viewing Party

Set the scene Thursday or Friday night with a candlelit dinner and your best table dressings for a royal wedding party.Serve a royal meal inspired by the royal wedding feast. Here’s a video with a guess at what the prince and his bride will eat at their reception.Serve an early brunch (the wedding is at 5 a.m. Eastern) and broadcast the live event. Be sure to serve hot tea and scones. Here’s a beautiful design for your royal wedding brunch.Are you celebrating the Royal Wedding in your restaurant? Tell us about it on Facebook.

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