What to Look for in a Menu Company

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Your menu is your billboard. If you don’t have a great menu, you’re not giving your customers the best representation of your food, service or experience.That’s why you should choose a menu design company wisely. Here are five tips for you on what to look for in a menu company:

Professionalism and focus on one area of design.

Sure, most designers are flexible and creative. However, when you work with a specialist or team of specialists, you get experience. Experience speaks volumes when you’re working on something as scientific as food service menu design. Our designers are focused on giving you fresh designs for restaurant marketing success.

The option for customization and on-the-fly changes.

The restaurant business is fast-paced. Prices and menu items change. But that shouldn’t stop restaurateurs, caterers or club managers from updating their menus to maintain professionalism and profits. One of the most common complaints we hear is the turnaround time or fees to make a change in a design.For restaurants with slim margins, limited staff and a slim marketing budget, it’s important to be cost-effective in your professional services. MustHaveMenus gives our customers the option to purchase a subscription to our templates and a custom design service for logos, menus and flyers. The beauty of our Design Services is that we load your design into your MHM account. You can make simple changes and updates from within the Menu Editor software at no additional charge. Plus, we give you access to our entire database of templates when you work with our designers one-on-one.

A web presence.

A web presence is more than just a website. A good menu design company will share tips, tricks and be involved in social media. For example, MustHaveMenus is highly involved in social media and dedicated to providing our customers useful content such as:

  • Facebook Community – We share articles, design ideas and videos on how to use our templates and market your restaurant, catering or food service business.
  • Menu Design & Restaurant Marketing Blog – We consider this the hub of our online communications. We share tips, tricks and ideas for growing your restaurant or foodservice business 4-5 times a week.
  • Twitter – We Tweet about restaurant menu design news, ideas and interact with others in our space to bring you even more ideas.
  • Weekly E-Newsletter – The Fresh Sheet is a free weekly communication with to-the-point marketing ideas and a featured design template.
  • New design templates every week – We have a packed production schedule based on requests from our customers and social media audience.
  • The Menu Editor – We want our service to be so easy to use that we’ve developed an online software program for our customers to edit and save their menu templates anywhere they go.

What do you think makes a good menu design company? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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