How to Use Menu Software to Design Your Restaurant Identity Kit

Did you know that you can take your restaurant’s identity up at least three levels in an afternoon? In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use menu software to design your restaurant identity kit in an afternoon.Today, I’m opening a new breakfast cafe called Well, Well, Well. I want a clean design and I need business cards, a coupon template, a table tent and a long, slender menu for my new menu covers.

My Business Card

Using menu software called the Menu Editor, I added my personal restaurant information in a simple web form.Total time to final PDF – 3 minutes (only because I’m picky about text).The Result: breakfast restaurant business card     My Well Done Long MenuNext on my list is my long, slender menu for the upscale menu covers I ordered last week.Total time to PDF – 35 minutes because I had to think up a menu. 15 minutes had I already decided pricing and menu items.The Result:breakfast restaurant menu long            My Table Tent

With the Menu Editor software, I was able to knock this one out in no time. I love not having to worry about centering everything just right.

Total time to PDF – 15 minutes because I had to come up with a menu. 5 minutes tops if you have an existing message or menu.The Result: breakfast restaurant table tent          My Coupon TemplateI can now start inviting people in the neighborhood in to try my new place with this awesome coupon, which I updated in just a few minutes with easy-to-use menu software. It’s got my colors, my style and a killer offer.Time to final PDF – 7 minutesThe Result:breakfast restaurant coupon       How Menu Software Gave Me a Restaurant Identity Kit in an AfternoonIn just 65 minutes, I was able to create my restaurant identity with the MustHaveMenus Menu Editor software. If I were to use a traditional template (in Word), I would have spent at least 20-45 minutes on each template.  Here are the steps that saved me so much time.

  • A Web-Based Form – I was able to enter my data in these text fields in just a few minutes.

menu software form


  • Seeing Changes Happen in Real Time – Every time I made an update, I could check spacing or spelling. I could make changes right there with no calls to the designer. Whew! What a timesaver.

menu software preview


  • Saving Time Later – I can save my menu files in My Home on Anywhere I have the Internet, I can access my menus. This works great for when I need to make a last-minute price change while looking at the printer’s proof.

menu software screenshot

   Try MustHaveMenus Menu Editor software free for seven days or sign up now get all the menu and flyer designs you need for less than $7 a month.Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Community for daily menu design tips and marketing ideas.

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