Five Places to Get Marketing Ideas for Your Restaurant

Happy Valentine’s Day! In celebration of the second most popular day to dine out, we thought it would be cool to share some resources for spicing up the holiday celebrations all year long. Here are five great places to find promo ideas for your marketing campaigns to customers.

  1. Chase’s Calendar of Events – This resource began in 1957 and lists special events, holidays, federal and state observances, historical anniversaries and more. You can see a brief overview of the days’ listings on their website each day, you can purchase the guide for $75 at their site. The new version is released in September each year, just in time to plan for next year.
  2. Lorri Mealey’s Marketing Calendar – Lorri covers the basics for monthly restaurant marketing in her month-by-month guide. holid
  3. Duct Tape Marketing’s Calendar Template – This calendar template will help you stay on track and a place to put your ideas and tasks. If you set it up in Google Docs and on a Google Calendar, you can access it anywhere and assign tasks to your staff via email. And, you don’t have to use Gmail to do it.
  4. MustHaveMenus Marketing Guide – We have a treasure trove of articles on marketing specific events and holidays in our Marketing Guide. The cool thing about the Guide search tool is that it also shows you ideas for flyers or menus. Check it out!
  5. MustHaveMenus Blog – You can get a ton of ideas from the Your Marketing Action Plan series and our Design of the Week posts. Be sure to check them out each week and subscribe to our RSS feed if you want them in your inbox.

Where do you get your promotion ideas? Do you brainstorm? How far in advance of the holiday or observance do you do it? Share your strategy in the comments below.

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