Engineer Your Menu! – A New Blog Series

Fine Dining MenuI’m pleased to welcome our newest blogger, Mel, who will occasionally join Amanda writing for the MustHaveMenus blog. Pleased to have you, Mel!What’s new, fresh and can help take your restaurant to the next level?Your new menu.How your menu looks, and where items are placed on the menu, really does make a difference to diners. Trust me when I tell you that people who visit your restaurant are taking in everything, from the seating to the noise level to, yes, whether the menus pass muster.But you probably already know this. And that’s why we’re introducing the Engineer Your Menu! series. We want to help you harness your creativity (and the high quality of your menu and your plate offerings) to kick your menus up a notch…and attract more customers.I’m Melanie, and I’ll be heading up the Engineer Your Menu! series with tips, tricks and the latest trends on what restaurant aficionados really want to see. What’s my inspiration? You! MustHaveMenus members are creative, forward-thinking and, well, just all-around amazing. I’ve seen what restaurant owners can do to take a simple template and really make it their own. I’d love to help you get to the next level.Each week I’ll be highlighting a different aspect of menu creation and improvement. Watch this space for Pricing Maneuvers, coming shortly. And be sure to follow us on Facebook for more updates. Remember – we always love to hear from you!

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