Marketing Nuggets – It’s All About the Tacos

who wants a taco?Seriously, all of the interesting marketing news worth nuggetizing this week is all about tacos. I’d usually say let’s get dipping, but this week tilt your head to the side so nothing falls out.

Nugget One: Chevy tries to get cool with free tacos.
They are trying to bring the cool factor back to a brand that once dominated cool (think old Camaros and Corvettes). The strategy is to give Southern California college students who are too young for test drives (company policy requires them to be 21) free rides in four models - Cruze, Camaro, Equinox and Malibu. For their original songs about these models recorded on Chevy-provided Flip cameras, the students receive $8 in free tacos (or other fast food).

The hope is that the campaign will go viral. Seriously? Is this the best they can do? But, that is a lot of free tacos. Tell us your thoughts in our Facebook poll.

Nugget Two: Taco lovers could care less about menu labeling laws.
A recent 13-month study of consumer buying habits at a taco chain called Taco Time in the Seattle area conducted by Duke-National University of Singapore Graduate Medical School and the Seattle-area health department reveals that the law requiring calories, fat and sodium may not help change consumer habits. This study found no significant change in behavior when customers saw calorie information published in any of the seven restaurants studied. The article has a few more bites you may want to check out on the implications of menu labeling regulations.

Nugget Three: This press release takes the taco.
While this press release is a little long, it takes the taco when you ask the five questions of whether a press release is worth reading and writing about (from an editor’s perspective).

  1. Will readers find this story interesting? Yes, if they are dieting and like tacos. 
  2. Is it timely? Yes, New Year’s resolutions to lose weight are top-of-mind.
  3. Is it relevant? Yes, it is relevant for dieters who like tacos and for the time of year.
  4. Does the topic affect many people? Yes. Lots of dieters in the area.
  5. Is it unusual? Last year, Taco Bell introduced the Drive Thru diet. While this isn’t quite as novel, it is still interesting that a food with unhealthy perceptions can be healthy. I’d say it passes the test.

That’s it for this week. Now, I’m off to find a taco that falls under 400 calories (my balance for the day).

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