Three Tips for Staying Out of the Spam Folder with Email Promotions

Customers have a low tolerance for spam in their email inboxes. Your restaurant’s email newsletter might be full of interesting content and attractive promotions, but your customers may perceive it as spam.

Here are three tips for welcome emails:

  1. Use a recognizable name in your From: field. Instead of sending emails from “,” send them from your personal account. Or, depending on the type of communication, have the emails sent from “”
  2. Don’t promote excessively. You may think the more email promotions you run, the better. However, this cheapens your image and makes your customers tune out your emails. Sending a few targeted promotions a year really gives your customers something to look forward to.
  3. Make your “unsubscribe” link obvious and easy to use. Giving you customers an “out” is much appreciated. In fact, they may unsubscribe and re-subscribe at a later date. Making sure your communications are welcome with your customers is integral to a successful restaurant email marketing campaign.

In this age of online information overload, having a direct line to your customers’ inbox is precious. And the perfect way to reach those customers is through a respected email marketing company like Constant Contact. Try Constant Contact for free for 60 days.

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