Design of the Week: A Father’s Day Flyer

father's day flyer

I’m a daddy’s girl, big time. If I ever need advice, there’s one person I turn to - my dad. He is actually how I got into the food industry. He got me my first job as a cashier at a local grocery store. I really didn’t like that job at all, but he knew it was “character-building.” I learned a lot about how to deal with people and how to provide great customer service.

Speaking of customers, here’s a great way to get customers in the door for your Father’s Day event. Check out our Father’s Day flyer and get started on promoting your Father’s Day special. It’s simple to create your flyer with the Menu Editor. Just fill in your information and print! It’s that easy!

How will you promote Father’s Day this year? Tell us about it over on Facebook.

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About Amanda

Amanda Brandon got her start in food working takeout for a busy BBQ restaurant—alone—on her first day. She spent the next four years at McAlister's Deli, while completing her journalism degree at the University of Mississippi. The next stop was a dual role as the managing editor of PMQ Magazine (a pizza trade) and as the publicist for the U.S. Pizza Team. Since 2005, she has worked in marketing, freelance writing and social media for a number of industries including restaurants.
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